Our Staff

All staff will have the mandatory qualifications and will be EYFS trained. Al Madina Kindergarten has a continuous professional development plan and policy in place.  This will equip teachers with skills and techniques to continually improve their, planning, delivery and assessing.

Al Madina is run by a team of dedicated and committed members who all share the same vision and mission and have experience in schools, administration and project management. All of the founding members have extensive UK experience and are utilising that expertise to formulate a board of directors that are experts in running  schools and advising upon Shariah.

The very nature of the Islamic way of life is to have good character, seek knowledge and to educate, and to do so according to the sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed SAW.

It is with this driving force behind us that we hope to create a school model that benefits the ummah within Qatar.

Why are we unique ?

  • We are doing it for the sake of Allah
  • Like minded staff – same vision
  • Balanced core Islamic and academic curriculum
  • Strong Islamic ethos / environment
  • Continuous staff monitoring and improvement in accordance with UK National standards
  • Provision for the underprivileged