Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision
To become the leading school of choice within Qatar, producing responsible and productive citizens for the betterment of society as a whole

Our Mission
To provide excellence in a child’s education and way of life, through delivery of the British curriculum, within a caring and secure Islamic environment

Our Objectives

At Al Madina, it is crucial that we remain focused on our objectives in partnership with all the parents.

Our objectives are to:

    • Provide students with an environment that promotes the integration of their knowledge, values and ethics into all aspects of life
    • Enable all students to reach their full potential and become responsible and contributing members of both the local community and the global society as a whole
    • Maintain high academic standards and promote life-long learning
    • Nurture a strong sense of emotional and spiritual development
    • Offer a supportive environment that builds self-esteem and confidence
    • Develop the power of independent learning, reasoning, self-improvement, skills of problem solving, initiative and the discipline of hard work
    • Encourage social responsibility and provide opportunities for excelling
    • Maintain classes that will foster effective communication between teachers and students in an environment of common practice, cultural diversity and mutual understanding and respect