Testimonial | Al Madina Kindergarten
Parents Testimonial
I would highly recommend Al Madina Kindergarten for kids Early education as they have a diverse and amazing environment that is providing exposure to the English Language as well as inculcating Islamic moral values in them which are being implemented in a consistent and planned manner. Children are provided with a safe and healthy environment for their physical and mental growth which is a great relief for parents.
Recitation and hifz of the Holy Quran is the most pleasing thing being done by the school helping kids to have the first hand exposure to their holy book.
I’m really thankful to the highly experienced and talented teachers who have made my kids early years journey an interesting and intriguing process of gaining knowledge
Thanks and regards.
SANA RIZWAN, Mom of Javeria and Haseeb

Alsalam Alikom Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Brakato,
I deliver great thanks to the principal and teachers of this kindergarten for this huge success, and may God bless this success, their efforts, dedication, concern, and eagerness for what we have got from unlimited support in providing all available capabilities and harnessing them in the school and its employees.
The school principal deserves more than a “Thank You” letter.
Mother of student: Farhood Ali Al-Hajri

Dear Al Madina Kindergarten,
We are happy to share this, our child enjoys going to school.
Our experience at this school is pretty good. As a parent we have found the staff, particularly teachers are very friendly and approachable. By and large, it is pleasant to send my child everyday. The parent teachers meeting we get to attend is very genuine and it fills out heart with real happiness as we hear all the good things, positive things about our child Manha Fatima, finally we would like to thank all the teachers of our child. May Allah reward them for all the service they offer with so much of gentleness, care, warmth and love.
Thank you Al Madina Kindergarten…
Parents of Manha Fatima