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Al Madina Strategies During Covid-19

As a Kindergarten, we understand the concerns of parents sending their children to school in light of the current circumstances. As we at Al Madina KG are committed to transparency and credibility in our dealings, We have to keep you informed of any developments taking place in the school.
We would like you to be reassured that the kindergarten is committed to all preventive and precautionary measures necessary to maintain the safety of our students as well as our staff. Following the instructions issued by the Ministry of Education in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, the Covid-19 examination has been conducted for all our teaching and non-teaching staff, and Alhamdulillah we are pleased to inform you that the results were negative for everyone.

Social Distancing:
Children are allocated to a group (“bubble”). They will be with their class/team only and will share activities like PE or Library with classmates in their “bubble” only.
There will be no assemblies, social gatherings, trips or after-hours sessions.
Wearing masks are not mandatory for KG students; however we recommend wearing face shields to avoid the child touching their faces.
All staff wear face masks, in order to maintain their safety and the safety of the students around them
Classrooms are sanitized at regular intervals.
Students are encouraged and reminded to frequently sanitize/wash their hands throughout the day e.g. on arrival, before and after mealtimes, etc.

Dropping off your child:
In order to keep the number of people within school to a minimum, all parents must drop their children at school entrance where his/her temperature will be checked before getting inside the building. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building so one of our staff members will accompany the student to his/her class.
Parents and children are required to keep safe distance apart from each other while queueing by the gate and use markings if any.
The taking of individual temperatures and sanitizing of hands on arrival will increase waiting times. We would request you to be patient as we are doing this to reduce the risks for your children and staff.

Educational Plan
1. Students Divisions
a. Blended Learning students:
This group attends the school two to three times a week, and as for the rest of the days, they will receive their education remotely, either through recorded or live lessons.
b. Online students:
This group is for students with chronic medical exemptions. They attend virtual classes and will receive their distance education either through recorded or live lessons.

2. Weekly Overview
A weekly message is sent at the beginning of each week to inform parents of the weekly plan for all subjects taught in the school.
3. School assignments
A complete folder of school assignments is sent every week along with copy books for writing practice. Students are required to complete all their assignments and return them regularly.
4. Recorded Lessons
Out of our genuine concern towards parents and students of the kindergarten and pre-school stages, we have decided to provide recorded lessons for the subjects that are taught in kindergarten, as the recorded lessons will be available at all times as soon as they are uploaded to the Microsoft Times website, which gives students and parents flexibility in the time allotted to follow the lessons, as some parents have communicated with us regarding the lack of suitable time for online lessons and its conflict with their working hours and so on, so Al Madina Kindergarten provides integrated online lessons and we make sure that each class has a diverse learning plan that combines recorded lessons with interactive live lessons with the teacher and of course lessons in the classroom . The lessons recorded are uploaded in files within the Microsoft Team and in the classroom for your children, and a message will be sent to you from the class teacher regarding this, and the administration will notify you via the WhatsApp messages.

5.”Show and Tell “Activity
In accordance with the criteria required by the kindergarten stage and to add vibes of fun and excitement in the weekly routine of students, we have decided to install “ show and tell” activities in the weekly program for kindergarten and preschool stages.
Realizing that encouraging the child to speak in front of his classmates and his teacher in class at this age may break his fear barrier and give him a lot of confidence and motivation in the future hopefully. Accordingly, the end-of-week schedule will include” show and tell” activity according to the topics and activities determined by the teachers.